back story

I moved to Washington County, Maine, in March 2010 to work on a goat dairy. Then I spent 2 months living in a power-less cabin, miles, and miles, from anything.

I met someone, and he courted me with a load of firewood. Somehow I was wooed by that, and even more so by all the crisps of a Downeast fall: fresh apples, crunchy maple leaves, crackling wood stoves, and morning-stiff joints.

Washington County is a tough place to live. Work is scarce, money’s tight, and weather’s extreme. But the people are rock solid and wear hearts on sleeves. I’m still figuring out if I’m hearty and honest enough to be one of them.

Here I’ll share stories with you from past and present; from the oven, the garden and, unavoidably, the bedroom.

Enjoy what you read. -Emily

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