by goatlove

Growing up, we had a lot of little holiday traditions. Mom would lug a plastic bin from the attic and leave it to me and my two older sisters to assemble the house.

When we were young we’d spend half a day hanging decorations. For Halloween there was always fake cobwebbing that we’d drape from the grandfather clock my dad built. And I had a rubbery, glow-in-the-dark skeleton and bat that would hang somewhere in my room. At Thanksgiving I remember a plush pumpkin and decals we would stick on the windows – cornucopias and fall-colored leaves – actually, we had these for most holidays.

We had Easter decorations too. We’d hang pastel plastic eggs from the fading crabapple tree at the end of our suburban driveway. And my mom made a table-top white wire tree that I would cover with tiny fuzzy rabbit ornaments.

Christmas, though, took the cake as far as traditions were concerned.