all the Emilys she’s ever met

by goatlove

I’ve never pretended to be a photographer. Have I? But someone asked me recently if I wished I had more time to take photos. What’s to wish for if I’ve never considered it.

I have, however, pretended to be a writer. Not at first. At first, when someone would ask what I do and I would give a vague answer a friend would chime in, “She’s a writer.” Ok, this happened once. But it made me furtively shake my head in embarrassed denial.

Presently I described myself as a writer to someone I had met once but, even so, was a stranger. I believe I put it, “I do some writing.” In the moment sandwiched between our introduction and my confession she had mentioned that all the Emily’s she’d ever met were artistic and creative. I didn’t want to let her down so I said something.

Thank goodness I had freshly typed words to prove it to myself. Though I would never describe myself as a writer to anyone I really know.