by goatlove

Rainy day activity:

Something I think has grown up in my bones:
the sound of white water.  I didn’t grow up around water, rushing or otherwise, so I don’t know how this deep interest became embedded in my psyche.  I spent a fair bit of time on Lake Michigan as a child, and along a rust-colored creek that spat into it at the end of the Palisades Park beach.  But white water was something I only experienced when we went on our yearly family camping trip.  My mom has always been very into waterfalls.  We’ve driven and hiked to every fall and trickle between Darien, Ill., and our various tent-parking destinations.  Some were magnificent!  And some were overly disappointing.  Mom’s also a self-described babbling brook lover.  Maybe it’s a sound-love passed in utero.

The best part of my day yesterday:
was an argument the Collector and I had.  It was one of those laughing-while-squabbling ones where you really feel like a couple.  I was complaining about him taking up too much of the bed and he was complaining about me stealing the covers, which makes him move towards my side of the bed.

Something I’ve been really enjoying recently:
is fall!  I’m really enjoying it.  Colors stand out vividly against the gray cloud backdrop and thin sheets of rain or mist.  The whole landscape has changed, dried and opened up for my viewing pleasure.  On my walks I can see deeper into people’s yards and watch them play video games on giganto theater-sized TV screens when they switch their lights on at early dusk.

Something that I really don’t like:
is rain drops on my glasses.  Really annoying.