Something’s made a home out of my sweatshirt.

by goatlove

I thought it was a fluffy patch of white mold.  But when I squished it and it turned limey liquid green I realized some sort of caterpillary substance had woven itself into my hood. 

So long green buddy.

I spent some time walking along the treeline of our property yesterday.  Out toward the water.  Hand-picking tiny blueberries, the only ones left by the skunk and birds.  I found a butterfly.  Black and orange, I don’t know if it was a Monarch or a Viceroy. 

I laid down in the tall grass and watched it perched on dried blades.  Eventually it was the bugs that drove me up to my feet and on my way down to the water.

3 white dots on those wings, plink plink plunk dropped in a row at the wing tips.  Reminded me of  my walk on the Dodge Road the day before.  Blackberry hunt. 

On the Dodge, I walked back along the dirt road, back towards my car and was surprisingly overtaken by a family out for a woodland drive. 

A black pickup passed me, a friendly big man-hand emerged from the driver’s side window.  He passed me and started down a stretch of hill and then I noticed the 3 dots of white peaking up from the bed of the truck.  Plink plink plunk, three white-blond heads on three small bodies.  Eight eyes blinked and I waved away the dust wake.