Instead of oxycottons, try these cupcakes!

by goatlove

I had an old high school friend up to visit this weekend, you might remember her from her visit last year.  It’s Phatty.

As platonic life partners, Phats and I enjoy doing many things together: hiking, chatting, hashing out business plans early in the morning.  We always bake together, but things got a little out of hand this time.

We decided to make Joy the Baker’s Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Cookie- Dough-Toasted-Marshmallow-Cupcakes.  If that sounds like a mouthful, just wait until your lips are stuck together with mallow and gooey chocolate is oozing out of the corners and dribbling down your chin. 

Phatty and I are now considering changing our nickname for each other to Fatty.  It would be more accurate the morning after these treats.

Joy the Baker, if you’re reading this, I love you… to pieces.  But holy cow, girlfriend!  You’ve outdone even me in S.I.C. – that’s Sugar Intake Capacity.

I have a sugar headache, my pancreas is working overtime, and my intestines are like “What the EFF?!”  Also, after laying in bed rigid with a sugar high for three hours last night, I finally fell asleep only to be continuously ripped from slumber by horrid night terrors, no doubt meringue induced.   

I am now on a sugar fast… or detox.  Starting right after I have another one of these cupcakes.  I mean, there’s no sense letting them go to waste