Does TSA consider a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich terrorist contraband?

by goatlove

We’ll never know… because I finished all of my “dinner” snacks before I got to the airport yesterday… at 3pm.  (::shakes head and sighs::) No self-control.

I’m home again-home again in the Buckeye state.  Made it here by the skin of my teeth and only because a fabulous Mainer oddly working for the scourge of the airline world (I’m narrowing my eyes in your direction US Airways) snuck me onto an earlier connecting flight free of charge.  See, there ARE good people in this world.

We hade a good ol’ midwestern thunderstorm last night, complete with tornado warnings and thunder, something I miss when I’m down east.  We’ve got more of the wind and fog thing happening up that way.

Tomorrow I’ll head up to my alma mater, Oberlin College, for my 5 year reunion.  This seemed like a fabulous idea: boozing with old friends while munching on the best dang Tots ever to grace my taste buds.  But I’m starting to get some cold feet now.  My life’s been up in the air since… college(?) and while I’m very proud of the life I’ve chosen for myself and the things I’m trying to get started in Dennysville, I’m having a difficult time convincing myself that I have any tangible accomplishments.

Though I can say I’ve got great friends, a great man, and a lot of marvelous ideas.  If happiness were cash I wouldn’t get turned away at the Bells IGA register.