The good news is I got laid this morning.

by goatlove

The bad news is my garden alternates between swamp-fest and clay fortress.

The Collector and I pulled our first veggies yesterday!  A glorious mystery vegetable.  A ghostly white spear with a left hook of a flavor (re: turnips).  It was fun to pull them, crouching next to each other and rain drops dripping off the ends of our noses.

We realized after the fact, naturally, that we should have thinned the row.  Pulled the big guys up first, leaving some elbow room for the littluns to spread their hairy turnip roots.  But we learn as we go.  That’s pretty much the theme this year.

It’s mucky up there in the gardens.  The mud held fast to our white carrot friends and only released them with strained tugging and, at the last, a suction cup Pop.

But they were delicious!  Mildly spicy and tenderized by a winter beating.