The bitch is back.

by goatlove

Hola, y’all!  Here I am, back and in action.  Settlin’ on down in the great land of Dennysville, Maine.  Sandwiched between Pembroke and Edmunds.  Pembroke: the Collector’s energetically suggested they change their town slogan to “Pembroke: TWO Gas Stations!” and Edmunds: “God’s country” according to the inhabitants.  Yep, we in the country now, folks.

I love it.  I love being back. It feels like coming home, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  Exactly what I was expecting.

All of my friends here look so young and beautiful, like they’ve been preserved the last six months under mountains of snow and ice-cream-freezer temperatures.   My first night back I stopped off at my dear friends’ house in Machias.  I saw my ladies and was shaking hard – excited, nervous, unable to stand properly after 19 hours of driving in two days.

I sat around their kitchen table with the two of them and a handful of our other close friends and realized, awkwardly, that life had gone on without me during my 6 months absence.  I’d been growing closer and closer to them in my head, loving them in their absence.  But they’d been creating new inside jokes and making new routines with each other in my absence.  I doubt I even came up in conversation on a regular basis.  Wow… quite a blow to my ego.  Youch.

But that’s all water under the Dennysville bridge now.  I’m getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting new ones and, generally, liking the feeling of settling in.

Gotta run for now, there’s a large hunk of ham in my fridge calling out for a sauna and a sun tan right now.  But we’ve still got a lot of catching up to do so I hope you’ll check back next Wednesday for more news.

Happy hump day!