by goatlove

…sometimes it´s a hard thing to do… especially since I did not foresee any part of this three-month trip being anything like a vacation.  But constantly moving gets rather taxing after a time.  Lugging my backpack full of things I don´t need – more than one thong, coffee table book about Mayan culture, FOUR PAIRS OF SHOES (god girl, what the hell were you thinking!).  Having the same opening conversation a bajillion times (Hello, I am Emily.  I am from the Midwest but I live in Maine now.  Ok, enough of this bullshit, please buy us a liter of beer so you can loosen up and we can talk about interesting stuff like sex and politics).

So all that crap got old and I decided to plant myself for 2 and a half weeks.  What better place to do it than around a gorgeous lake surrounded by jungle covered volcanos?  Hello again, Lago Atitlán!

Private room and bathroom, sunrise view from my shared balcony, naps in a hammock… this could easily look like a vacation.  But, of course, I found a way to keep working!  I stole a bunch of books from my hostel in Xela and decided that my time here would be best spent educating myself.  My stack of fiction and nonfiction focuses on discrimination, poverty, and latino issues.  My solo book club is going swimmingly.  And it´s so much easier to relax when I have something to do.