Cosas stupidas

by goatlove

Stupid things.

One thing that I absolutely hate – but that happens to me often enough to be inconvenient more than catastrophic – is spraining my ankles.

I knew it would happen on this trip, what with all of the uneven cobblestone streets and epic hikes to nearly 5,000 meters.  But instead of spraining my ankle while carrying 30 pounds of oatmeal and sliding crazily down steep fields of pulverized pumice and basalt, I rolled it while walking out of a tienda.  I was looking for granola.  A specific kind.  The good kind.  With roasted coconut pieces in it.

So now I´m in a beautiful place… with a sprained ankle.  And I was just starting to last long enough on my lung crunching runs to actually burn some chocolate calories.  Thankfully I have more Spanish school planned for next week, not another mountain or volcano hike.