Feliz día de Saint Valentine!

by goatlove

Happy Valentine´s Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful V-day… honestly, I don´t really believe in that crap, except that I used it as an excuse to consume copious amounts of box wine and chocolate cigars.  Yes, it was a good day.

It would have been nice to spend this day wrapped up in someone´s beard way up north, but instead I was here in San Pedro.  Fear not, I made the most of it.

At 430 in the freaking morning I woke up on my own.  It had been a long night before that, a bit rough around the edges with some old friends and Old Friend (the amber drink).  Couldn´t sleep so instead I cleaned my room and went for a run.  I´m at 5000 meters, and I´m going to go ahead and blame the altitude on my intense huffing… whether or not that´s the true cause.

The rest of the day was low-key, filled with reading and relaxing in a hammock and watching Melinda and Courtney weave sea and fall colored scarves with back strap looms, the local traditional method of weaving.

Chris, our bearded friend from across the lake showed up and then the five of us scampered down Gringo Alley for fresh pasta and licuados.  Afterwards, we sipped rich coffee at our favorite cafe – Cafe Atitlán – where we all have 10% discounts for life and can watch hummingbirds and whitecaps on the lake water from the second story windows.

Much later we started in on the boxed wine and rich artisanal chocolate.  The chocolate comes in bars shaped like cigars and many, many flavors – cinnamon, cardamom, peanut, cashew, picante (one of the best!), puro, cafe, mixto – and has a gritty texture and intensely rich flavor.  It´s best enjoyed between that hot, melting place between tongue and mouth roof.  Especially the picante.  Damn!  That heat hits the back of your throat and it´s like ¨POW!  This is CHOCOLATE!¨  Have GOT to bring a lifetime supply of this stuff back with me.