Para el lago

by goatlove

To the lake.

I ended up staying an extra night in Xela, to get my bearings a bit but also because it was too hard to leave my friends here.  I needed one last night of good food and loving company.  This is the thing about traveling that I love but that also makes me terribly sad.

While traveling, I meet people who give me their life story and their love before they even know my full name.  We´re friends on Facebook and making plans for Stateside visits to each other before we´ve even shaken hands and exchanged names.  We´re snuggling in a big bed the morning I leave and we´ve only known each other for a small collection of days.

I love this stark honesty and simple trust of travelers… it´s a state of mind I´ve only come across while on long trips, and in Maine.  And it makes leaving for the next location the bittersweet fruit of traveling.

I leave for Lago Atitlán in an hour or less.  I´m looking forward to the warmth and the water and the volcano views.  I hope I can find a hostel where I won´t be coerced into speaking only English.  And I hope I can find my way around and not get horribly lost.  I´m sure I´ll be fine, but there´s always a twang of anxiety that accompanies me as I move on to a new location.  Can I find it?  Will I get robbed on the way?  Am I going to have to pee during this 2-5 hour bus ride?  Those are the thoughts that tug at my hair and leave me feeling a little uncomfortable as I pack my bag and leave my key on my bed.