by goatlove


I´ve left the Mt. School and begun my two month journey around Guatemala.  I´m realizing that there are some things that it´s ok to do when you´re jumping from hostel to hostel.  For instance:

  • It´s ok to use shampoo left in the shower… it´s totally fair game.  But don´t use the bar soap. That´s just gross.
  • It´s ok to take a really long hot shower in the morning when everyone else is trying to get ready for the day and there´s only one bathroom.  However, there may come a morning when the tables are turned and someone else is enjoying a lengthy shower while you´re contemplating beating down the door or shitting your pants because you ate one too many tamales the night before.
  • It´s ok to get really wasted and smoke way too many cigarettes and, for one night, be in the group of loud, talkative English speakers.  But after throwing up all night, you´re probably not going to want to do that again in a hurry.
  • It´s ok to stay in the party hostel… but, really, wouldn´t you rather stay somewhere quiet and out-of-the-way where you might actually have the opportunity to have a conversation with a Guatemalteco?