La Escuela de la Montaña

by goatlove

The Mountain School

I´ve been here since Sunday.  My friends Julia and Julia and I traveled by chicken bus to get here.  Chicken buses are the public bus system and are often overcrowded and famous for careening down steep and winding mountain roads.  Never the less, we made it!  All three of us!  All in tact and with no problems.

It´s very quiet and tranquil here at the Mountain School.  Very different to Xela, the city where I was studying last week, there are few distractions here.  The studying is slower too which is good and bad.

There are a lot of reasons there are no distractions… some good and some bad.  I´ll fill you in more next time I´m in Colomba, the closest town with internet.

I made it, I´m here, and I´m ok.