Estudio, una vez mas

by goatlove

I am studying, once again.

Learning Spanish is tricky:  5 hours of instruction each day, plus about 3 hours or more of study beyond that, PLUS I have to be on my A-game the rest of the time to communicate with everyone around me.  It´s exhausting!

Between school and studying there´s not much time for a social life.  That´s ok with me though.  I´ll have two months after school to hang out, drink Guatemalan beer, and learn to Salsa.

My family here is wonderful.  My madre is an excellent cook, but she feeds me too much!

It´s hard to know what to write here.  It´s odd to g-chat and email people and realize that, to them, it hasn´t been a long time since they´ve heard from me.  On my end, though, it feels like I´ve been gone for such a long time.  I´m surrounded by people and a language and a way of life that are unfamiliar and strange, at times.  It´s good to hear from old friends and family… hint… hint.