“What’s Oregon’s thing?” “Oh, beer and coffee, mostly.”

by goatlove

I’m staying with Eli and Amanda.  We’re in Eugene, Oregon.  It’s wonderful.  Here’s a bullet list of the Oregon bucket list:

-hot springs dip

-mountain romp

-rain shower bike ride

-big fat rainbow

-afternoon drunkenness at local brew-pub/distillery

Sweet Life dessert run

-meet Alaskans

-find out what a quince is and how to cook it

-farmer’s market – eat and gawk

Those are the things we’ve crossed off the list so far.  I’m having such a wonderful time on this trip!  I have pictures and things to tell you about my train journey from Chicago to Portland, my few hours in Minneapolis West, and more to say about Eugene.

What I can tell you know is that I had a feeling about this state.  The feeling was confirmed this afternoon, biking back to the homestead filled with pints of nut brown and sips of white dog.  Head a-buzz and all smiles, plowing my skinny tires through humongo piles of leaves, it’s hard not to love this place.

Eugene is home until Tuesday, then I’m back on a train heading south to San Francisco!