by goatlove

Something I discovered this morning is that if you warm up half of a whole wheat bagel and then slather it with Nutella and then cover it with banana slices, it tastes kind of like a chocolate covered donut covered in bananas.

This is what happens when you’re left to your own devices for breakfast and you get to raid the cupboards of the person whose trundle bed you’re crashing on.

The clock said 4:30 a.freaking m. when Ben left his apartment this morning.  How the heck does he do that?  I didn’t even wake up until 6 when I worked on a friggin farm.

We had a great visit.  A big delicious meal with fat sweet potato fries and two enormous mugs of beer a piece… who could ask for a better welcome back to my homeland.  Chi-town, the land of bar food and beer and The-Skyscraper-Formerly-Known-As-The-Sears-Tower and Cubbies.

I got to watch Zombieland which I’ve been, like, DYING to see.  Woody Harrelson, big guns, and the undead?  Where do I sign?  Where do I sit?  Let’s get this party started!

The movie was to keep me entertained so Ben could go to sleep early, so he could wake up with newspaper delivery persons and workout-aholics and bakers.

Sleeping in cities is like sleeping with a nightlight on, or like snoozing in Alaska in the summertime.  There’s always going to be some sort of incandescents worming its way through your blinds.

By contrast, during the day, the close proximity of neighboring buildings prevents any natural light from reaching your windows. Even pressing my cheek against the window glass, I can’t see the top of the building next door.  No sight of sky.

It reminds me of when I worked in an interior office, with no outside windows.  Mid-day I would greet people shaking rain from their umbrellas, slacks sticking to their stockinged ankles.  When did it start raining, I wondered.

Cities: where you have to check to know how to dress for the day.

It’s kind of fun, though, being surrounded by people and concrete after seven months of none of that sort of thing.  It’s nice to be reminded of what I was encased in when I grew up.  I was actually in the suburbs, though, so strip malls and big box stores and manicured lawns and cookie cutter homes are my old friends.  Things that make me vomit in my mouth a little bit now.

In a few hours I’ll be boarding a train, which I’ll be on for 3 days.  By Friday I’ll have passed through 19 states since driving out of Maine a week ago.