It’s happening…

by goatlove

I’m leaving tomorrow.  It’s been a whiz-bang 24 hours at mom’s house and in twelve more I’ll be sitting in a Greyhound, likely smooshed between a cold window and an overweight and overly-friendly young man.  Hopefully Greyhound won’t lose my luggage this time around and hopefully said young man won’t try to pilfer any of my snacks.  I’ll need those puppies for my three-day train trip from Chi-town to Portland. 

So, soon I’ll be off!  A train out west, then a bus to Eugene where I’ll chill for a few days.  Then a train to San Francisco, where I’ll party for a few days.  Then a plane back to mom’s.  Usually I’m roadtripping, so I’m looking forward to having my hands free for this journey.

I’ll write as I can along the way, so keep checking back!