We’re having a delightful time in Boston!

by goatlove

Last night me and Phats and Mikey headed to Warren Tavern, touted as the oldest bar in Boston… maybe even Massachusetts!  I don’t really feel like checking my facts though, so you can check on the truthfulness of that on their website.  Prepare yourself for the intro, it’s a bit of a sap-fest.

It was a great bar.  The coolest part about it is that Paul Revere used to frequent the place and George Washington even took a nip there… when he was visiting his pal Benjamin Frothingham.  Jeez, how many pig-with-rabies jokes did that guy have to endure in 18th century grammar school?

Today Phats and I walked around Charlestown and checked out the Bunker Hill monument.  The streets of Boston remind me of what I imagine London to be like.  And something I’ve noticed that I found quite surprising is that the streets of the neighborhoods are incredibly quiet, not much traffic at all.

Here’s a few quick shots from last night and today.

I’m heading back into the woods tomorrow to visit a few wonderful ladies in Friendsville, Maryland.  I’ll be back to the keyboard on Monday!

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