Time at The Gooch

by goatlove

When I left for North Carolina, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Maine.  But I left my guitar here, that was as good as a commitment to staying.  It would be difficult to ship a guitar.  Odd shape.

When I came back, I was ready to be here.  The two most wonderful residents of Machias, Lindsay and Jenny, offered me the use of their lovely woodland cabin, or, as it’s known about town, The Gooch.

I’ve been living at The Gooch since mid-August and will be sorry to leave the trees, Milky Way, and quiet in a few too-short days.

I found a sliver of time to drive my mom and sister out there during their visit.  They wanted a little taste of what my daily life has been like the last few months.  It’s hard to articulate to someone in the brief span of thirty minutes just how much time there is at The Gooch.  Time for books, writing, songs, listening, and sitting.  The things I distract myself with while I’m at The Gooch are the things I never have time for when I’m outside of the woods.

So here’s a little taste for you!  The Gooch in 6 pictures:

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