Here we are… just the 3 of us. Four, if you count the toilet.

by goatlove

I entertained two beautiful women this weekend, Mom and my oldest sister, Shannon.  It was so wonderful to A) be in their presence and B) have a chance to share this wonderful place with them.

I’m a little bit proud of the fact that I live in a place that many people use their one week of paid-time off to see.  It ain’t called Vacationland for nothin’.

So they came!  We hit up Acadia, hiked the coastal trail from Sand Beach to Thunder Hole.  It was a gorgeous day to be on the coast – high winds meant roaring, tumbling waves.  The Atlantic was a sight to be seen.

On our way to our hotel in Ellsworth and cravin’ crustacean, we popped into a lobster shack.  Two decimated bodies later and we were rubbing our bellies in satisfaction.

And then we were driving to the hotel and I was finally crawling into bed, feeling like crap.  Oh, and then, THEN I was becoming very well acquainted with the toilet, in a way that’s too intimate to detail here.


So instead of Pumpkin Fest and blueberry pie at Helen’s and scallop rolls on the water in Eastport, we watched Princess Diaries in a Ramada and I vomited my brains out.

This visit will forever be known as Vom Fest 2010.  Thanks, body.  Thanks for NOTHING!