New Friend Leads to New Ideas

by goatlove

Before I met the new friend I want to tell you about I had been kicking around a few ideas about what to do during my off-season (November-February).   I had settled on a plan to hide away in the desert for a month and write like crazy.  My only contact with the world outside of my secret spot would be a weekly phone call to my mom.  Otherwise, I would be living entirely off the social grid: no email, no Facebook, no phone calls (besides the one to mom).  Forced isolation… it sounded too appealing to pass up.

Then, oh then, I made a new friend.  Someone who had worked in Haiti for a good length of time and has a collection of odd and interesting hobbies and things.  Intriguing, fascinating person, whom I’ll refer to as The Collector.  Somehow our meeting made me feel inept.  My winter plans suddenly felt purely selfish.  My immediate interests seemed inwardly focused, which left a bitter taste in my mouth.

With our meeting came a shift in my plans.  I started to move away from my self-serving idea of writing alone in the desert and started moving towards a plan that would allow me to serve others.  In what capacity, though, I was not yet certain.