Glorious Return to the Keyboard

by goatlove

Why hello there!  I’m back!  Glory, glory!  I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed knowing that you’re reading.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos… buuuuut now it’s time to get back to why we’re all really here… the stories.  The writing.  Time to dust of this ol’ keyboard, crack my knuckles, and fill you in on this crazy, crazy life I’m living.

August swept in with a multitude of changes.  When I had originally “left” the blog at the beginning of August, I was going through an emotional shift; my ideas about what to do during my off-season (November-February) were taking on a new and unexpected shape.  It was one person in particular who brought on this new state of mind and caused me to question my original winter plans.

There’s more to tell about this new friend, and our encounter that day.  But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  The story of the last month is one filled with drama and new, very unexpected directions.  I hope you enjoy reading about it as I post tidbits of the story every few days.