Childhood I Love Yous

by goatlove

I grew up in a single parent home that was filled with affection.  My mom cuddled me almost every night of my early childhood… it would start out as her reading to me, and then quickly turn into me jabbing her in the ribs with my elbow to keep her from nodding off.   Eventually I would relent and slowly fall asleep, wrapped in the warmth of her and listening to the sound of her sleeping breath.  When I outgrew our nightly snuggles, she would still stand in my doorway every night for an exchange of I love you’s.

This early attention to love might have expanded my heart in some way, because it always seems to be bursting with emotion for people, friends and lovers, places and memories.  I Love Yous have always felt important to me in my relationships.  I’m quicker to feel it than I am to say it… but I’ll tell you more about that another time.