Check In: Writing and Recentering

by goatlove

There’s been no shortage of activities over the last 2 weeks, with us being smack dab in the middle of high season  and me hosting 2 guests.  Not only is work busier than ever, I’ve also been running around from social event to social event like an ant at a picnic.  The buzz of activity is a far cry from the desolation I was welcomed with back in March.

Somewhere between saying goodbye to one guest and preparing for the next, I realized that I felt incredibly burnt out.  Tired and unfocused.  Literally and figuratively off-balance.  Ah, yes, I haven’t been making time to write!  I’ve been blogging, but that’s a hobby more than a relaxation technique.

Writing in my journal grounds me.  When I first sit down and put pen to paper, I’m just writing facts, the things that have happened.  It’s a sort of warm-up, like exchanging pleasantries with an old friend before getting to the emotional heart of why I’ve called on them in the first place.

After an hour of recording the day-to-day happenings, I feel reconnected to my journal, and emotions and thoughts start dripping from my right hand onto the page.  Soon these thoughts are flying from my body in a swarm that I can barely keep up with.  The words glide from my brain, heart, bones, through my right arm, down to my hand and finger tips and out into the pen.  I try to trap them in ink and tack them to the page but sometimes they come too quickly and all at once, in which case they flit off into space, lost to the air and clouds.

My fingers humming, I finally stop writing because I’m tired, or I have somewhere to be, or the muscles in my hand ache from being overworked all day.  I rarely stop writing because I run out of things to say.

As the bundle of bound pages fills up, I feel calmer and more self-aware.  There’s more room in my body for deep breaths when my insides aren’t cluttered with words.