Maine Facts: Makin’ Whoopie (Pie)

by goatlove

Mainers and Pennsylvanians will duel over which of the two states invented the Whoopie Pie, but folks who have actually done research on the subject seem to think that the Amish invented the spongy cream-filled chocolate cake for one (or two, unless you really want that heart attack).  Whomever invented it, this northeastern delicacy has been around for nearly a century.

The recipe for the cream filling varies.  This website claims that a good ol’ New England style Whoopie Pie is pumped full of filling made with Marshmallow Fluff and shortening.  While some New England companies swear by using butter as opposed to shortening or margerine.  Any way it’s made, it’s usually the size of a baby’s head.

The traditional flavor is chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling, but seasonal (pumpkin cake with vanilla filling) and gourmet varieties (chocolate cake with chambord filling anyone?  mmm!) exist as well.

I’ve tried the traditional Whoopie Pie.  It’s delicious and absolutely a must-try when in New England, but it’s a bit too mushy for me.  I need some crunch in my sweets.