In the Cheese Kitchen: A Brief History of Feta

by goatlove

Feta is a semi-hard cheese traditionally made from sheep or goat’s milk.  There are two methods for making this cheese, brining or dry salting.  At Garden Side Dairy we use the dry salting method which calls for salt to be rubbed on the outside of the cheese numerous times during the drying period.  Salting helps to draw out whey, creating a firm and crumbly texture.

Though feta is decidedly a Greek cheese, it may have originated in Italy, as the word for “feta” in Greek is a recent addition to the language and has its roots in the Italian “fetta,” or “slice.”

Since 2002 feta has been a protected designation of origin, or PDO.  So, like “champagne” can only describe sparkling wine made in a certain region in France, “feta” only refers to a specific type of cheese made in Greece with sheep or goat’s milk.  Legally, however, this status only applies to the European Union.

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