Paint the Town: Phun With Phatty

by goatlove

Tiffany and I met during my first year of high school at the end of the cornet row in Mr. Kimpton’s band class.  We bonded over being shunned into the last two chairs of our section.  This bond kept us chatting and giggling during practice which, incidentally, kept us in those last two chairs.

Somewhere during our 3 years of high school together we started calling each other Phatty… but that’s a much longer and sillier story.

Phatty was kind enough to put me on the route for her spring time road trip this year.  She was in town for less than 48 hours and I wanted to give her a full taste of what Down East Maine has to offer, so we had a whirlwind tour of the area.

We started things off with Boggle Night so Phats could meet some of the folks who fill my hug quota on a weekly basis.

After a slumber party in the wonderful Blueberry Patch Motel we awoke to blue skies and perfect hiking weather.  We popped into Helen’s for a bite, bumped into some warm friends, and then drove on through the coastal fog towards Cutler. The Cutler Coast hike was unreal!  Such beauty!

After our hike we quenched a thirst for beer and stuffed ourselves to bursting with fried goodness at the Thirsty Moose.

We waddled out of the Moose and bumped into Lindsay who whisked us away for a dusk paddle on the Machias River.

Phatty and I spent our last day together in Eastport, picnicking by the sea, moseying through downtown, and chatting with warm friends in a backyard filled with sun and heat.  What a fabulous couple of days!

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