Don’t have a place to go to see live music? How about your living room?

by goatlove

I just discovered something very, very cool… the Downeast Concert Collective!  Have you heard about this fantastic group of musically inspired folks?  No?!  WELL!  Let me fill you in on the gossip…

The DCC is a group of folks who organize music events that are hosted in people’s homes.  Basically, the DCC has created a mobile concert series to remedy the serious lack of live music venues in Downeast Maine.

How it works:

You sign up to host a concert in your home.  You clear your largest room of furniture and set up as many chairs as you can; the goal is to make room for about 40-50 people, or more.  Charge about $10 at the door.

The DCC handles the rest.  They’ll bring refreshments and snacks provided at no additional cost.  They provide additional chairs and the sound equipment.  They’ll even advertise the event!

All proceeds go to the performers.

These grassroots house concerts are hosted about once every other month.  Contact the DCC to host one in your own home!