Things You’ll Need: A Sense of Humor

by goatlove

When you decide to start working with goats, the most important tool you must keep in your toolbox is a Sense Of Humor (and many thanks to Kim for teaching me this!).  Keep it tucked in a place close at hand so you can whip it out at a moment’s notice.  It will come in handy when:

a) Your doe finally decides to give birth and it happens to be the stormiest night you’ve seen all month with wind blowing buckets of rain sideways and hail pummeling everything in sight.

b) You’re rushing to get through milking so you can run off to market to make some cash-money, and your lovely goat darling decides to put her hoof in the pail.

c)You’ve just finally sat down to lunch only to realize that the goats have broken out of their pen and are strolling toward the neighbor’s lovely garden.

Don’t get frustrated.  It’s easy to get through each of these situations with your trusty Sense Of Humor:

a) What’s a little rain?!  Think of this as multi-tasking.  Instead of just helping your doe give birth you’re now also getting a shower and rinsed chore clothes!  Three for the price of 1!  What a deal!

b) What good is rushing?!  You should thank your doe for reminding you to stop, breath, and take in the morning air and sun!

c) Who needs dieting when you have naughty goats that keep you from lunch?!

A Sense Of Humor can’t solve all of your problems.  It doesn’t work so well for deaths or financial issues, for instance.  But having a Sense Of Humor will help you find a reason to smile each day, no matter what goes wrong.  And when you’re working with goats, or any livestock really, any number of things can and will go wrong.  Sure does keep life interesting!