The Things That Sustain Me

by goatlove

My family, or my greatest source of strength.

Small moments, gifts, each day that remind me to appreciate the air and objects that move around me.

The drive to find a passion within myself that will have a positive impact on others.

Unexpected surprises that keep me fluid and moving in unforseen directions that, it turns out, feel as natural as blinking or taking a drink of water.

Slowly understanding my emotional body, its creation, and how to transform it to make a healthier and stronger self.

The need to move forward and see what’s over the next hill.  Even if it ends up being more of the same.

The search for balance and active presence.

Love from a friend.

Love for a stranger.

The needs to Learn and Do and Help.

Moments of touch.

My thanks to those of you who shared your own thoughts with me.  You helped me begin to shape my own answers and allowed me the realization that I am not an arch and I don’t need to find just one keystone.