Happy Birthday, ‘merica: Celebrating the 4th in Eastport

by goatlove

The 4th of July is my new favorite holiday.  Honestly, I can’t believe I didn’t come to this realization years ago.  BBQ, meat, beer, things that explode… a recipe for excellence.

Few things make me feel like a kid these days, but when fireworks started pouring from the sky like fountains of electric tinsel, I found myself jumping up and down and yelling, totally unable to contain the excitement bursting from my insides.  I stood, mouth agape, at water’s edge and watched. Tendrils of smoke, tinted by brief flashes of green, purple, and silver, slid across the sky… octopus clouds birthed from chemical light.

Something about this night felt particularly warm… like a welcoming.  But the perceived mood might be attributed to a changing state of mind more than anything else.

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