Strings, Amps, and Vocal C(h)ords

by goatlove

My bro Zack and I started a band!  I’m not sure I can express to you how excited I am about this, but let me try…


So, yeah, pretty freakin’ excited here.  It feels good to be finding my voice again, learning more on the guitar and getting my callouses back into shape.  I’m also fiddling around with some new instruments and others that I haven’t played in, oh, quite some time.  Our first couple of practices have been great fun!  We’re working on 3 songs at present, and have picked out 4 others to start practicing.  During our first practice we learned a song on the spot and played around with that and one other diddy for about 2 hours.  Taylor joined in on claps and keyboard for a hot second and Noah joined in with, uh, jumping on the bed.

Practicing with Zack is a delight!  He picks up everything on guitar so quickly and has good ideas of how to give cover songs a little unique twist.

It’s going to be a really fun summer.  Holy crap.