Happy 4th of July!

by goatlove

Thinking of enjoying a quiet beer in the comfort of your own home as you listen to the faint boom of distant fireworks this evening?  Think again!  You can sit and watch your toenails grow any other night this week.  There are TONS of exciting activities going on in the area today and tonight.  GET OUT THERE!

I’m just giving you a few things to whet your appetite.  There are more activities going on in Lubec, Jonesport, and Cutler, though most of their activities were held yesterday.  So if you missed all of that excitement, all the more reason to get off your tuches and out into the world today!

The America Works 4th of July parade starts at 6pm sharp!  Grab your lawn chair and elbow some kids out of the way to get a good spot.
Fireworks at dusk if the weather holds out!

Inkas Wasi is playing South American music in the Quoddy Tides Park all day long!
Shove blueberry pie in your face at the pie eating contest!  Overlook Park at 10 a.m.
The Pan Coalition Steel Band is playing in Overlook Park at 4 p.m.!  Wear your dancin’ shoes!

Grand Lake Stream
Fiddlers Contest with cash prizes up to 200 buckaroos!  Make it rain (the moolah kind of rain, not the wet kind of rain)!

If ever I could be in multiple places at once, today would be the day!