Maine Facts: We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, or any other Midwestern state

by goatlove

I’m Midwestern, through and through.  From my love for bodies of fresh water to my need for horizons and right down to my nasally Chicago a’s.  One thing I love and miss about the Midwest is the fine people who call it home.  They’re genuine, they’re friendly.  They talk to strangers.  Whenever I’ve bumped into a Midwesterner outside of the center of the country, it’s like having an instant friend.  Someone who understands a core part of who I am and what I’m all about.

People in Maine don’t say “hi” to strangers.  I’ve tried.  I stare at you while we pass each other, waiting for you to look up so I can flash my most winning smile and give you a big “HI THERE!”  But you stare straight ahead or find something else to rest your eyes on comfortably. Maybe your finger nails.  Dang!  Those need a trim…

You know what though, I don’t even mind.  Even though I’d rather we have a more personal interaction, I’ll settle for the subtle raising of the hand from the steering wheel as our cars roll past one another.  You know why?  Because I know that when I’m sick, you’ll call to see what you can do for me. And when I help you deliver a goat all night long, you’ll bake me a pie.  And if I stick my thumb out, I’m pretty sure you’ll pull over and take me as far as you can towards my destination.  I know you love me, Maine.  You’re just kinda quiet about it.