Paint the Town: Puh-puh-puh-Portland

by goatlove

For my first time in Portland I treated myself to a truly Maine brunch experience…  a whoopie pie from Two Fat Cats and fries from Duck Fat.

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Duck Fat reminded me of some of my favorite restaurants in Durham, NC.  You can walk in and carry out or you can sit down.  Wear jeans or sequins, any way you come, you’ll feel at home.  Just make sure you come hungry, and don’t you dare leave without trying the fries.  They are literally fried in duck fat (oh yes), and I find that they’re best enjoyed with the truffle ketchup, which was the condiment originally suggested to me by a Mainer friend who tipped me off to this delicacy.  Duck Fat’s milkshakes (made with gelato, holy crap!) were also suggested to me, but you’ll have to try those out for yourself.  Other things on the menu that will give your salivary glands a workout: Duckfat poutine, beignets, homemade sodas, and, for all my southerners, an Arnold Palmer.

You’ll smell Two Fat Cats before you see it… maybe that sounded weird.  What I mean is, there are deliciously warm and sweet aromas wafting out of the front door and tumbling out onto India Street in front of this bakery.  It took me about 7 minutes of staring at each individual baked good within the glass counter (this is obviously to protect the treats from being damaged by the inevitable drool dripping from the corners of customers’ mouths) to decide on my whoopie pie.  It was a good choice, but a difficult one.  Next time I’m going to try one of their cupcakes.  Two Fat Cats has more than delicious baked goods, though, they also have a commitment to using as many local ingredients as possible.  Music to my ears!

Duck fat and Two Fat Cats are within walking distance of each other and are located in Portland’s East End neighborhood, a hotbed of kitschy shops, art, and food.  Get your treats to go and head to Fort Allen Park for a walk along the water on the Eastern Promenade Trail.  Other things in the area: cute shops, art galleries, Portland Observatory Museum, heaps of restaurants, Portland Museum of Art (this summer they’re showcasing art by Georgia O’Keeffe and other American modernists!), Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, parks galore, and oh so much more!

Get out there and have a ball, y’all!