Things You’ll Need: Ten Questions to Test Your Suitability as a Farmstead Cheesemaker

by goatlove

Kim, Don, and I got a good belly laugh out of this list-of-ten from “The Farmstead Creamery Advisor,” by Gianaclis Caldwell (2010):

“Ten Questions to Test Your Suitability

  1. Do you like to get up early – every day of the year and for many years to come?
  2. Do you mind working late into the evening – and then getting up early the next day?
  3. Do you mind working hard between getting up early and going to bed late?
  4. Does your spouse or partner also enjoy these hours?
  5. Do you have a good head for business?
  6. Do you have an artistic or creative flair?
  7. Can you be satisfied with repetitive labor and a lot of dishwashing?
  8. Do you have a great love for working with animals, no matter how exhausted you are?
  9. Can you deal well with constantly changing challenges and problems, including animal deaths, equipment failure, product loss, possible lawsuits and product recalls, and rising insurance and power costs?
  10. Do you mind working for below minimum wage for several years, or do you have an independent source of income to help pay bills?”

A pretty accurate list.  It’s good to laugh!  If we couldn’t, we might just kill ourselves.  HA!