Maine Facts: Honk Free Zone

by goatlove

The other day I was taking a stroll down Route 1, which is our busiest highway up here, though it’s just 2 lanes.  I was wearing an above the knee skirt and a fitted v-neck T, nothing skimpy but I was showin’ a little leg an’ skin (and yes, this is vital information).   Many people passed me… people in 4×4 trucks, a semi, regular ol’ folks in sedans, bikers (as in motorcyclists).  And you know what?  Not a one of them honked at me.  NO HONKS!  And no suggestive comments screamed out of windows.

At first I felt pleasantly surprised… in the places I’ve lived I could have been wearing a burlap bag and have plastic sacks on my feet and I would still be hollered at by every other passing car.  How tiresome!  After a few minutes, though, I began to feel indignant.  As one of my besties would say: “I know I’m not the cutest person in the world, but I don’t think I look like a trashcan!”  I mean, come on, a relatively cute young woman walking down the side of the road and you can’t think of anything lewd to yell? Come ON, Maine.  I’d even settle for a silent gesture at this point.