Things you’ll need: Old, busted tools

by goatlove

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my farming mentors in North Carolina and Maine it’s this:

Why use a new tool that works well when you could use an old, busted tool that will make the job take twice as long?!

If you’re a fellow farmer, hopefully you’re getting a good chuckle out of this right now, and not plotting where to kick me next time you see me (NOT THE FACE!  Though if your leg can reach that high, good for you, you limber devil!).

Sure, it would be great if we had brand new shovels that would slice through garden dirt like butter.  And it would be wonderful to have shiny new fencing that’s not rusted, ancient, and 100 lbs of dead weight to carry (up hill, mind you!).  And it would be fantastic to have a brand new multi-tool that didn’t take 5 minutes and all my brute strength to open every damn time!  But we use what we have because… well, it’s what we have.  And why throw out an old, dulled shovel when it can still serve a purpose?  That would just be wasteful.  Not to mention, if I wanted to do things the easy way, I sure as heck wouldn’t be farming.  AND when I start my own farm, I’ll be thankful to get my hands on whatever tools I can for however much money I have in my farm fund (which means I’ll probably have to fashion my tools out of used toothpicks and plastic grocery bags… since I don’t have a farm fund… YET).  So… take a deep breath, suck it up, and keep your money in your wallet.  Grab that rusted-closed multi-tool, baby, cause we’ve got muscles to use and work to do!