We’re havin’ a baby!

by goatlove

Since we’ve been on the subject of birth, and I haven’t written any practical information as of late, let’s go over some of the signs that your doe is about to pop.  Here we go…

-Tail ligaments become loose
-Doe holds tail straight up
-Vulva becomes pink and swollen/looks like Play Dough
-Bag develops, becomes tight and full, you’re able to squirt milk from teats
-Behavioral changes: doe becomes more vocal, begins nesting, looks focused/contemplative, spends time away from the herd, becomes protective of her rear

Signs that birth is imminent:
-A long string of mucousy discharge hangs from the birth canal
-Doe is actively pushing
-Doe is nesting, in a serious way.  Standing up, laying down, standing up, pushing hay towards her rear, laying down, rinse, repeat

Each doe will act differently during her pregnancy and the hours/minutes leading up to a birth.  You may want to consider keeping a log of each doe’s behavioral and physical changes during the pregnancy.  Then, in subsequent years you’ll know what to expect from a doe and you’ll know if her behavior is abnormal, signifying a problem with the pregnancy or birth.

Big mommas Nilla and Mia before their due dates.