Paint the town: 6 Mile Lake

by goatlove

If you recall, before the heavens opened up on us with Super Soakers  few days ago, we were having quite a heat wave.  I was even told it was balmy by Maine standards.  So blisteringly hot, in fact, that some Mainers were crazy enough to go for a swim… outside… in water that has got to be, what, 2 degrees?!?!  Ok, I may be exaggerating.  All I know is that if anything’s going to stop my heart, I’d rather it be a really good kiss instead of freezing cold water.

Kissing aside, there is a huge, beautiful lake tucked away in what I like to refer to as the Machias ‘burbs.  Needless to say, it was too cold for me to dive in, but that didn’t stop Zack and Taylor!

6 Mile Lake is off of 192 and past Marks’ Lake.  There are two entrances on the right hand side of the road with a row of mailboxes in between.  Be warned, it’s easy to miss.  Once you enter the parking lot, walk the path on the right hand side.  You’ll pass a cabin and a trailer and eventually you’ll reach the rocks.  Please be careful and jump at your own risk!