The longest night yet (part 3)

by goatlove

It’s been some time since the back-to-back births of Carl’s kids.  I am pleased to report that both Sammy, the strapping buckling, and Clovi, the surprise doeling, are both alive and well!  I think a name along the lines of Frankie (short for Frankenstein) or Phoenix might have been more appropriate for the doeling, but that’s my sense of humor.

Fergi, the momma, is also doing well.  Carl reported that she’s getting stronger each day and adjusting to her new life as a milking goat.  Apparently she’s a bit sassy on the milking stand, as in she has a tendency to kick and knock over the milk pail.  But Carl’s patiently training her to keep her hooves on the ground.

As soon as I’m able, I’ll be sure to swing by Carl’s so I can grace you with a photo update on how Fergi and her kids are doing.