Don’t mind these unsightly boils on my body… they’re just black fly bites.

by goatlove

It’s black fly season.  I have to say that, at first, these wee little insects didn’t seem half bad to me.  I expected to be covered head to toe with tiny sets of teeth with wings.  What’s the fuss all about I thought to myself about 2 weeks ago.  Ok, well, then a week later I started to notice their wrath in the form of their aftermath… which, on my semi-allergic-to-all-things-that-bite body, looks like huge, bulging hives.   It’s as if I have freaking duck eggs gestating just under my skin.

So in the spirit of black fly season, here’s a quickie animated film by Christopher Hinton set to Wade Hemsworth’s folk tune about the joys of black flies.  Enjoy!