Paint the Town: Jasper Beach

by goatlove

Last week I scoped out a new beach on my day off: Jasper Beach.  I parked my car and walked up over a hill of palm sized stones, feet sinking and slipping, rocks upon rocks as far as I could see reminding me of a moonscape.  Rocks that crackle like firecrackers when the waves rush over them.

As I crested the hill I took in the view of the bay.  The colors that day were vivid: deep green evergreens harpooning puffs of cloud, and a cerulean sea reflecting skyward.

I sat down on a boulder on the far side of the cove and tucked into my lunch.  Soon I noticed that I was being watched.  My first harbor seal sighting!  The little buddy was hefting itself over beach rocks seemingly trying to find its mother.  We kept each other company from afar until we decided it was time to move on from our comfy, sunny spots.  Seals remind me of cats, without legs.