Maine, where “No Trespassing” means “You’ve Found the Beach”

by goatlove

There’s not a lot going on in Jonesboro, so when I have free time and don’t feel like taking a nap, I head to the beach!  Usually I’ve been hitting up Roque Bluffs for my sun ‘n’ sand time, but I’m starting to branch out a bit these days.  One thing I’ve noticed about Maine is that the beaches are tucked away, out of sight.  If you don’t know a local who can tell you which dirt road to turn down and which “no trespassing” signs it’s ok to ignore, then you’re pretty much s.o.l.  Thankfully, I have the Roos family!

Kim gave me directions to Sandy River Beach and I scoped it out on a warm, sunny day last week.  What a gorgeous spot!  Fine sand with a crispy crust that my toes punched through with each step, reminding me of what I imagine it feels like to walk on the moon.  Plenty of shells and pebbles to sift through, too.  The best part?  It’s less than 10 minutes away!

A question for you Mainers: Where’s your favorite downeast beach spot?

Beautiful and vivid, Sandy River Beach.