Things you’ll need: A truck!

by goatlove

When you buy up property for your farm, set aside a little money for a truck too… the ultimate farm accessory.  My good friend Morgan recently acquired a truck and I have to say that I am most definitely lusting after it.  It’s hunter green and shiny and big.  Think of all the things I could put in the back of a truck!  A huge set of moose antlers… or a church pew… or a couple of kegs.  Don’t get me wrong, the Camry and I have seen a lot of highway together and I love that lil’ pup dearly.  But maybe if I had a truck, I wouldn’t get stuck in the ditch at the end of our driveway and have to have my friends build a make-shift ramp out of stray pieces of plywood floating in the yard (yes, that happened).  And it’s going to be quite hard to fit a goat in the trunk of the Camry… and a keg, for that matter.

Morgan and the pretty, new truck.