Meet the Goats: Isis

by goatlove

Meet Isis.

Nicknames: Moose, Big Sweetie, Isey, and occasionally Big Lummox.

Favorite color: Green

Likes: Grain… LOTS of it.

Dislikes: Waiting… for food, to be milked, for attention, for anything.

Isis is a big gal and a first year freshener (meaning we’re milking her for the first time this year).  She started off a bit touchy on the stand but has turned into a delight to milk… as long as I top her grain off right from the get go.  The amount of milk she gives is staggering.

I wouldn’t say she’s a bright gal.  Until recently she had the tendency to barrel over the electric fence in order to place herself at the head of the milking line.

She’s easy on the eyes with long, spindly legs, a bit gangly, and she can be quite awkward, and clumsy.  So she’s basically me in goat form.  I’m not supposed to have favorites, but she’s one of them.