Check in: Investing in a space, this place.

by goatlove

Shh, this is a secret:

At times I catch myself thinking about staying here, in Maine, for a little bit.

When I decided to move to Maine I had originally intended to stay only as long as October 2010.  I wasn’t aware of what I’d do after that, but it’d probably have something to do with a trip to Iceland… or the northwest… or a relocation to Hawaii… or Australia… or New Mexico.  Some new, great adventure that would keep me moving, exploring, discovering.  What is it about new scenery that begets new and exciting ways of thinking and being?  The constant flow of internal dialogue and emotional headway aided by the ticking by of yellow pavement lines and highway exit signs.   Moving clears my head.

But what if I’m moving in the direction of standing still?  Not in a complacent way, but in a dynamic and radical way.

I find myself thinking of ways to connect to the community here.  I’m constantly, sometimes unconsciously, brainstorming ways to make the communities I identify with, or am drawn to, or ache for, more visible.

And it’s not about legacy, or change for the sake of it.  It’s about Connection.  Growth.  Home?

The foolish seek happiness in distance, the wise grow it under their feet.  J.R. Oppenheimer.  Chosen pointedly, or ironically.  Certainly deliberately.