Paint the town: Get your smelt! Get ’em hot!

by goatlove

I went to a Smelt Fry on Friday! Apparently about as "Maine" as you can get, short of a Bean Dinner. I think all of Downeast Maine came... I have NEVER seen that many people in one place since I've been here. The line was so long that we had to be offered hot dogs half way through so we wouldn't start a starvation induced revolt. Here's Zack (my bro) and his gal Maddie, fryin' up some hot pink dogs!

Once we DID get to the head of the line, the amount of food was ridiculous! Here's Ben with a selection of every kind of coleslaw, macaroni salad, and beans you could ever imagine.

Brett and his food mountain.

And here's the star of the evening... the SMELT.

My first taste of smelt. Mmm, salty-greasy-fishy-fried deliciousness.

Mowwed it.

It was pretty frigid and windy outside, so after our feast we retreated to the tent to enjoy some upbeat honky-tonk tunes.

We all had a pretty great night! What's next... Chowder Supper? Bean Dinner? If there's a dessert table, you know I'll be there!